Ross Eccles

About the Artists:

Ross was born in England in 1937. He worked as an architect in England and Canada before finally settling in Ireland in 1971, where he set up his own practice. In 1991 Ross retired from architecture in order to dedicate himself full time to his art. He has a great love of adventure and has travelled all over Europe and the world, painting anywhere and everywhere. Ross finds great inspiration in new surroundings, believing that changing environs open the mind to new influences. Ross has never been formally educated as an artist. He believes that prescribed schooling moulds people into similar patterns and suppresses natural individuality. His artistic style is quirky, colourful and individual, reflecting his eccentric personality and unusual character, capturing the imagination of many a keen collector. Ross is a progressive, continually evolving artist who is not limited to a particular style or media, which can easily be seen when examining his growing body of works. As an artist Ross wants to share his vision and thoughts, and has a yearning to articulate his visceral emotions through a scope of works ranging from minimalist figures to complex worlds of colour and line. Ross's paintings are to be found in both private and corporate collections throughout the world. A book regarding Ross’s life and artworks, Ross - A Journey into Art, was published in December 2008. He currently resides in Ireland with his wife and family.